Jeffrey Greathouse | Ceramics Artists | Culver City, CA

Obelisk, mock-up


"Artist's Prayer" written by Jeffrey Greathouse, and translated to Hieroglyphics carved into marble paste and acrylic paint on cardboard form.


Artist's Prayer


Oh Great Creator, maker of

heaven, earth, breath of life, fire, gods, men, beasts.


I have come into Your presence to attain guidance,

with offerings of myself as a tool of Your hand.


To open myself to Your desire, and welcome Your ideas,

and to believe You will bring truth.


I will follow Your guidance.


I know that You created me and

the act of creating is Your nature and Your way.


I ask You to put my life in order,

so I can be beneficial to Your plan.


To illuminate to me that life is not at an end, that I can be healthy,

with You and through You I can be whole.


Limit not my love and acceptance,

and allow me to accept other people.


Give me knowledge of my fears and acceptance of them.


So that I may become loved and attain love.


Make strong my acts of creation

as an act of worship to You.



Written and translated to Hieroglyphics by Jeffrey Greathouse. Copyright © 2000 Jeffrey Greathouse


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