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About the Greathouse Olive Oil Decanter TM

 “Air, heat, light, and age affect the quality and the shelf life of olive oil, which deteriorates through oxidation (rancidity). Olive oil can be kept longer than any other edible oil. Although it can get rancid, olive oil is less likely to become rancid than other oils, especially if it is stored properly.”  Source:


Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Studies have shown that olive oil has powerful antioxidants, helps control high-blood pressure, and may protect against heart disease and some types of cancer.

However, oil deteriorates through the action of oxygen, heat, and light—which can turn the oil rancid and destroy essential healthy nutrients. If you buy oil in clear bottles—exposure to light and lack of refrigeration degrade the oil’s nutritional value.


To prevent nutrient deterioration, pour a small amount into a dispenser that you can keep handy, and store the larger bottle in the refrigerator to greatly extend its shelf life, or in a cool, dark place.


The best containers for storage are green glass, ceramic, porcelain, or non-reactive metals such as stainless steel.

The Perfect Solution:
The Greathouse Olive Oil Decanter!

Keep a small quantity of oil handy for everyday use—on your dining room table, near your salad prep area, or by the stove.

Pour oil into the Decanter using the funnel. Then insert corks into the funnel hole and top hole to minimize air entering the Decanter.

And refrigerate or store the remaining oil in its original container!

The Decanter can alternatively be used to store other oils, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, or . . .



Tips About How to Buy and Store Olive Oil

Avoid buying olive oil in plastic containers because some of the compounds used in the manufacture of the plastic may be absorbed by the oil. If you have to buy oil packaged in plastic, transfer it to a ceramic, dark green glass or stainless steel container.


Olive oil can be put into the refrigerator or freezer without harm. Keep your bulk quantity of oil stored in the refrigerator or, at least, in the dark in a cool, dry place. When Olive oil is refrigerated, the cold may cause waxes in the oil to crystallize, congeal, and turn cloudy. It will return to its original, liquid state when warmed to room temperature again. You can use the cloudy oil or wait until it returns to room temperature. You can speed up the process by placing the bottle under warm tap water for a few minutes.



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